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we adapt to the phase of your project and offer different solutions depending on the budget you want to allocate to your communication.

see our different options




visual identity

_logo proposals



_visuals, textures, patterns, illustrations

_business card





1 + website

pack 1 included +

_5 pages

_easy online management

_ adapted to all screen sizes (responsive design)



1 + 2 + images

pack 1 + 2 included +

_ instagram feed (12 first posts)

+ photo shoot (portrait + products) - optional

* + 150€/year for the domain name and website hosting


I prefer to do everything by myself:

we know, as a freelancer, you are free, you are multi-faceted. you want to, and yes you can do everything by yourself. ​our training modules have been specially created so that you can launch your business in 1 month. 

these online trainings allowing you to have a step by step method to create your identity, launch your online business, gain visibility, make a perfect launch and boost your sales.
module 1 is about create your foundation with your brand identity and module 2 about launching your brand or product with digital marketing strategy.

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